ARTEMIS Sailing Canoe

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Performance, efficiency and human engineering

The ARTEMIS sailing canoe catches peoples attention, because it is really pretty. Then they start to see other advantages:

Elba, September 2015

Sailing and paddling the ARTEMIS sailing canoe.


At the 6. International Segelcriterium 2016 Koos Winnips won the "Hauptgewinn" with his home-built ARTEMIS sailing canoe.

Two happy ARTEMIS canoe sailors Artemis sailing canoe built by Koos

At the 5. International Segelcriterium 2015 ARTEMIS accomplished 3rd - with one reef. Here are the videos:

Segel im Sturm Teil 1 Segel im Sturm Teil 2

Koos Winnips observed the event and made another compelling video:

Other ARTEMIS sailing canoes

oos Winnips from the Netherlands reports about building and cruising his ARTEMIS sailing canoe:

ARTEMIS sailing canoe built by Koos ARTEMIS sailing canoe built by Koos

Here is a link to his sailing and paddling blog.

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